Ringing Rings - Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

Ringing Rings - Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

The group exhibition of contemporary jewelry "Ringing Rings" invites artists to look for inspiration from the "ring family" itself and conduct experimental and radical explorations. It is hoped that these explorations will not only reveal the living state of contemporary jewelry, but also reflect each artist's insight into the "family resemblance" of jewelry; they are both "full of surprises" and "logical". It is both "surprising" and "logical". It is hoped that the viewer can see the active face of contemporary jewelry and the cautious thinking of the artists.

In the exhibition of "Ringing Rings - Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition", B.R. Gallery invites artists to work with practice-driven methods, and explore the “message” carried from the medium of “ring”. Besides these messages could be treated as nutrient mediums, breeding the intellectual minding of artists themselves. The presentation of final materialization could be diversified, jewellery and installations are all acceptable. More importantly, to let the ring itself not only being a mental and physical restriction, and contribute meaning to the creative concept of the work.

Date: 4 Sept. – 26 Sept. 2021

Address: BR Gallery, #2 East Wing, Today Art Museum, Apple Community, 32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  • A-Bore-of-Ring

    A-Bore-of-Ring—— 郑艺璇

  • Diamond-Forever

    Diamond-Forever—— 关宇洋

  • Fishing-Net-Ring

    Fishing-Net-Ring—— 肖文君

  • Fuzzy-Time

    Fuzzy-Time—— 尹衍雪

  • Love,-death-and-cliché

    Love,-death-and-cliché—— 宋鑫子

  • Remote-Habitants-Ring

    Remote-Habitants-Ring—— 张勤

  • Ring-Glass

    Ring-Glass—— YDMD

  • Samurai-control-horse

    Samurai-control-horse—— 赵文敏

  • The-Bonder-Ring

    The-Bonder-Ring—— 刘斌